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Linde Waidhofer's ongoing exploration of Patagonia


Chelenko, the thousand and one faces of a Patagonian lake

by Linde Waidhofer, 108 pages, 13 x 11 inch, deluxe large-format edition

$125 with an original signed archival photo print from the book. Plus shipping.


Chelenko is a photographic  exploration and celebration of the second largest lake in South America, the most beautiful lake that almost no one has ever heard of. Why? Because this lake is divided and shared between two countries, Chile and Argentina in the Patagonian region of the far south. And stubbornly, each country has given their half of this magical lake a different name, Lago General Carrera on the western, Chilean side, and Lago Buenos Aires  on the eastern, Argentinian half. Chelenko is the presumptive original Indian name. By any name, a lake of stunning, breathtaking beauty.


Chelenko, the thousand and one faces of a Patagonian Lake, is also available, free, as a handsome eBook, optimized for the iPad. as well as any computer screen. To download the eBook, in either an English or Spanish language version, use the links on the main Photo eBooks page.


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